LOLER Inspections


The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) came into force on December 1998.

One of the 'big' implications for Tree Surgeons is it requires that 'lifting equipment' is thoroughly examined at suitable intervals by a competent person.

What is Lifting Equipment?

Any equipment that carries a person or a load or is part of a system for carrying them. This includes, for example: Ropes, harnesses, strops, karabiners, rigging equipment etc.

It does not include equipment that does not lift or lower a load, such as winches for skidding etc.

When should it be inspected?

every six months, where it is being used for lifting people

every 12 months for all other lifting gear

or each time 'exceptional circumstances' occur which jeopardise the safety of the equipment.

Who should inspect it?

A person who can show they have the 'appropriate theoretical knowledge and experience to enable them to detect defects and weaknesses in the equipment'...being used.

We have been trained by FASTCo Instructors and tested by an independant body to carry out this work.

Want to talk more about LOLER, prices, inspection schedules, what's involved etc? Please contact us!